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Swing Arm CNC Cutting Machine


Swing Arm CNC Cutting Machine is used to cut casting-riser of small and medium sized castings by rotating cutting tools, such as turbocharger, valve body and shell, etc., suitable for large batch of parts production.

The machine tool uses the digital system, has 7 numerical control axes, 1 tool axes. The coordinate axis can be automatically positioned, and the tool axis of the main grinding wheel is driven by a servo motor. The automatic exchange system separate s the machine tool processing area from the workpiece mounting area, which makes workpiece loading and unloading and processing can be carried out at the same time. This not only ensures the safety, but also reduces the auxiliary time and improves the production efficiency. Because of the freedom of the workpiece and the grinding wheel, it is convenient to realize the transformation of the relative position of the multi angle space, so it is especially suitable for the processing of complex surface parts. 


·Less flour area, use sufficiently work space

·One operator can operate several machines

·Teach directly, simple programming

·Use high intelligent NACR control system, simple operating

·Change tooling easily, in a short period of time to complete exchanging workpiece

·Fully enclosed protection, protect the environment

·High speed machining can improve the production efficiency and quality

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