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Special Milling Machine for Casting-riser


The milling machine is a special equipment for cutting off casting riser, and mainly used in rotational castings, especially in brake disc, compressing disc, brake drum, wheel hub, flywheel, etc. The machine is controlled by CNC system, with casting automatic exchange system, high processing efficiency, and suitable for processing large quantities of parts.


·Reliability- Simple structure, less trouble

·Efficiency- Production capacity of hundreds of pcs. Per hour

·Energy Saving- Scrap metal recycling

·Safety- Avoiding hidden dangers using a grinding wheel

·Environmental- Low noise, no dust

·Labor Saving- Small labor intensity

·Flexibility- Digital control, strong adaptability

More information please click: Special Milling Machine for Casting-riser

Developing and Application of a Milling Machine for Removing Riser Residuum of Brake Disc Castings

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